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Nampion’s First on PJM – Thanks Again, Mr. Swindle!

For the second time in the last couple of years, I have the opportunity to thank David Swindle for helping me out with my writing career.

He gave me a shot at NewsRealBlog back when I first started flinging my thoughts into cyberspace, and even though I didn’t usually get a ton of views, he continued to let me post there, and gave me lots of good advice.

Now he’s given me a chance to make a name for myself at Pajamas Media Lifestyle. My first post apparently did fairly well, lots of comments, and he is guiding me through my second, which is having more problems than one of those Obama-backed solar-powered start-up companies.

Oh, well – David is a good man, and a very patient individual. I hope I won’t end up embarrassing him too much.

Click the link to to get to the story – John Nampion vs. the Hometown Community Homeowners Association.

Hope you like it.

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