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Gutsy Governor Brewer and the Cocoa Crispies Analogy

After Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070 into law today, Begunga Mike left me the following voice mail on my state-of-the-art Blackberry Protem:

“Hey, Johnny – I just heard the greatest analogy ever regarding illegal immigration! Some guy called this into a radio talk show”:

They say Mexico is our neighbor to the south. Great, whatever. So they’re next door to us, big deal.

Does that give Mexicans the right to just head on up here and squat and suck up our resources with the full consent of their own government?

Suppose your neighbor climbed the wall separating your houses and barged into your kitchen and was sitting at your breakfast table eating your Cocoa Krispies or your Frankenberry or whatnot and you came in and asked him what the hell was he doing?…and he gave you some attitude…and then told you he wanted your grill besides because it wasn’t fair that he didn’t have one.

What would you say back to him?

I know what I would say…and I know Mike would also say it and would have one of his rifles out, to boot.

I think most reasonable people understand why Mexicans and other immigrants sneak into our country: It’s 9,000,000 times better than the sh*thole they come from!

Makes sense to me. I’m all for having them here if they are officially on the path to citizenship and pay taxes and are doing what it takes to become Americans.

I don’t, however, want to stand idly by while they drain our resources and then Western Union them back to Guadalajara – because their own inept leaders are too corrupt to make Mexico (or wherever) a worthwhile place to live.

I care not about the moaning and weeping in regards to how illegals are the “only” people who will work at car washes and fast food restaurants and so on, and that they are a mainstay of our economy.

If a business is meant to stay in business, then it will…it will have to be competitive within the parameters of accepted jurisprudence…there shouldn’t be an asterisk for any money-making concern, ever. That goes for Billionaire baseball team owners and Millionaire car wash owners and even barely-surviving cafe owners.

Hats off to you, Governor Brewer. I decided not to like you when you raised taxes at the beginning of your term. This is a step in the right direction – even if it’s going to mean more pressure from the Obama Administration on you and Sheriff Joe and all the other people who believe in following the law.

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  • Mike Begunga · April 24, 2010 at 9:58 am

    It is difficult to take pride in the small victories when everything is so immeasurably fucked up… imagine the Great Wall (you know the big one in China) horribly graffiti’ed from end to end, now pretend you’ve just taken the last 300 years to convince members of your community to do something about this vandalism and their answer is to repaint a five foot section… pretty hard to get excited about this kind of progress.

    Nobody knows how many people are on some form of welfare anymore; let alone how many illegal aliens have hopped the fence. I’m more interested in how many disability recipients are simply lazy and fat… lets get rid of all the illegals and the fat bitches pick all the fruit… hell, they can help themselves to anything that doesn’t make it in a basket, anything is better than letting these behemoths pig out of McDonalds paid for with food stamps. We pay taxes to remove lead paint from slums in distant states… taxes to build statues we’ll never see… taxes to save starving shitheads in countries on the other side of the world who refuse to help themselves… taxes to build cars nobody wants to buy… taxes for absolutely everything except what the founding fathers intended. America has been intentionally segregated into more groups than I can count to avoid discrimination… is it me or does that seem backward… first we had to contend with Black, White, Other… but now it is dark and light skinned African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, Pacific Islanders, American Red or Flute Toting or Turban Wearing Indians, Chinese Americans, French Americans, Japanese Americans… you get the point… soon it will be all of these with or without an asterisk denoting ‘working contributing member of society’ or ‘government teet sucker’… everyone seems to want their piece of the pie without working for it. So again you will pardon me if I just don’t care whether or not we can ask someone about their immigration status.

    I just don’t get it, what happened to like minded people concerned with and centered around common goals? The federal government is like a ginormous HOA, good in theory but terribly implemented and bloated… ummmm… I actually like this analogy… like an HOA the federal government should simply concern itself with maintaining the common areas and defending property values. But like too many HOAs the government has become a safe haven for small, insignificant underachievers who only feel important or experience a hard-on when they get back at the guy with a nicer lawn by picking ugly colors nobody wants or issuing fines when the trash cans are left on the street one second too long. We’re fucked… deport me please.

  • Author comment by John Nampion · April 24, 2010 at 10:43 am

    Wow -- the bile spewed a long ways on that one, Mike…maybe it made it all the way to the Gov’s desk!

    I understand that this in no way solves the problem of illegal immigration…but it is a shot across the bow to Washington…since they will not deal with the problem, we are being forced to.

    I could go on and on about our National Leader (Oh Great One) handing our society over to Jihadists and Illegals and taking your tax dollars to pay for people who don’t believe in hard work and industry…but that’s another post…for now I think it’s good that our Governor has taken this step.

    BTW: Aren’t you being a little hard on fat people? Weren’t you a chub once yourself?

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