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Geert Wilders is the Winston Churchill of our time.

You MUST read this speech, reprinted today by another Wilders-like man, Robert Spencer, over at NewsReal Blog:

If we do nothing now, it will be the end of our Western way of life.

Sooner than you think.

For background on Mr. Wilders and the Netherlands show trial that threatens his (and ours – no bullshit here, kids) very existence, please click the following link:

Do I believe that “Moderate” Islam exists? I dunno. I don’t think so. I struggle with the idea on a daily basis. I DO believe that there are “good” and “decent” Muslims and I’ve written so many times previously. Many of these people have to live with intimidation daily – in some cases every day for an entire lifetime. Here’s an article by Marine John R. Guardiano which sheds light on happenings in Iraq and the Middle East:

And, finally, although it’s definitely anti-climactic, my most recent Islamic Twog over at NewsReal:

CANADIAN? Students Are Fighting Back Against Islamic Oppression

2010 March 5

I’ve known plenty of Canadians in my life: I’ve smoked with them, drank with them, fished with them, and even hitchhiked with them, sometimes all in a single day.

Did I mention I work with them too?

So I can truly call myself an expert (LOL) when it comes to recognizing the behavior patterns of our neighbors to the North.

“Accepting” isn’t really the word. Neither is “guileless.” But most of my Canuckistan acquaintances have demonstrated these qualities – even the hockey players. They mostly seem (to me) to be way too “open” to different ideas – even if those ideas can put them at their peril.

For instance: When you look at the roster of 49 international cities that are hosting “symposiums” for Israeli Apartheid “Week” (March 1st-14th), you will find that 12 of them are “up there” in the land of crystal-clear lakes and Boreal forests.

Wow! Talk about being overly submissive and promiscuously friendly!

Except for…some Jewish students…who just like their brethren at U.C. Irvine (thanks, J.E. Tabler), are not going to let their smaller numbers dictate a lukewarm response. details the push-back from those who just aren’t going to take it lying down:

“A controversial pro-Israel campaign was launched in universities across Canada last week, in an attempt to counter the global pro-Palestinian campaign, ‘Israel Apartheid Week’, launched on Sunday.

The campaign, named ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’, was initiated by the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students, and is taking place in 23 universities across Canada, according the official ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ website.

An especially peppery video ad posted on the campaign website displays a young couple in bed, with the young woman complaining of the ’size’ of what turns out to be a map of Israel.

Organizers said that the campaign was aimed at ‘highlighting the multitude of Israeli accomplishments and contributions’, saying it was the ‘result of the combined efforts by the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students (CFJS), local Hillels, Jewish Student Associations, and Israel on Campus organizations across Canada.’ “

Discover The Networks has several articles available to those who want to study the corrosive and venomous propaganda that spews yearly from the Apartheid animus-fest.

Resistance is necessary. The Canadian venture is a step in the right direction. Good luck to all the students – no matter where they are from – who are stepping into the fray.


In an age of insanity and easy shortcuts and “what do I want today” we need to remember how quickly our so-called “secure” existence can change.

Just like that.

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