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One More For The Ditch At NewsReal Blog (As Gleaned From The American Spectator)

Insufferable. Preening. Megalomaniacal. And That’s Just The Wife!

2010 March 5

When someone’s really got it dialed in, it’s best to just stay out of the way and let them roll….

Quin Hillyer in his March 5th Article Not The American Way in The American Spectator:

“There is something way off balance in the character of Barack Obama. Something in the realm of zealotry, with a touch of megalomania, and perhaps an authoritarian impulse too. He combines  Alinskyite tactics and outlook with an air of self-assumed moral superiority in a way that fails to respect the usual, small ‘r’ republican limits on American presidents. All presidents, of course, think at some level that they know best about policy choices. But almost none of them (Woodrow Wilson perhaps excepted) were so willing to disdain, in pursuit of such radical policy upheavals, such intense and overwhelming public opinion as has been evident in the current health takeover attempt.”

Read the entire Article here.

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