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Star Struck By Pajamas Media On NewsReal Blog

Pajamas Media: Forecasting The End Of The Hollywood Liberal Elite?

2010 March 8

I am not too sure why they sent this to me, to be honest.

After all, I watch very few movies – I think the Director’s Cut of The Star Chamber was the last DVD I watched (garage sale), and I can’t remember even going to an actual theater.

Even though it was probably a robo-mail or a Twitter shout-out, it still felt good to get it in my inbox:

“I am reaching out to you on behalf of Pajamas Media. From reading your blog, I think the story linked below might concern you.

After years of liberal vitriol spouted by Oscar nominees and presenters, did the 2010 Oscars observe a political shift?

Do you think you could post this to your blog or pass it along to your friends and followers?”

Sure. Why not? Roger L. Simon’s column is thought-provoking, at the very least, especially to someone who knows a little bit about these things.

I’m not sure if the Leftist Liberal elite in Hollywood is on the wane, but here’s my two cents, for whatever it’s worth:

I’ll take the Outlaw Josie Wales over Captain Jack Sparrow in any bare-knuckled brawl you want to toss them into, any day of the week – age be damned.

After all: We all know that Right makes Might!

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